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'CC' ~ Cancer Companion Program

Designed to alleviate fear and anxiety among children, the ASCEND Foundation has partnered with Sylvan Dell Publishing, to create the Cancer Companion Program. This childrens educational story book "Champ's Story: Dog's get Cancer too" along with stuffed golden retriever Champ, empower caregivers to discuss the issues of Cancer with Children in a meaningful and understandable method.
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Past Accomplishments

Gabe's Chemo Duck Program
Chemo Duck

In 2006 Lu Sipos created a duck for her young son Gabe, followed by a nashville non-profit organization "Gabe's My Heart." Gabe's My Heart is an organization to help children currently being treated with Cancer to become familar and comfortable with treatment procedures. They came to ASCEND with the idea to spread Chemo Duck to Children Oncology centers across the nation and together the two foundations were able to do just that.

Gabe's Chemo Duck was very well received by the medical community and the program grew all the way to hospitals in England. ASCEND Foundation enjoyed working with Gabe's My Heart to create such a successful program and hope to take a similar journey with 'CC'~The Cancer Companion.

ASCEND Foundation

Anne Scandalios Cancer Ends Now Directive

Annie and Anna Scandalios Annie and Anna Scandalios

The ASCEND Foundation was formed in February, 2001 as the result of Anne's battle against breast cancer. Determined to beat the disease, Anne and her husband Nick spent thousands of hours researching and visiting doctors to educate themselves about cancer, the relationship with diet and environment and cancer, and cancer prevention.

Through their research, they were shocked to learn staggering statistics such as we are losing nearly 600,000 American lives each year to cancer. To put that into perspective, 60,000 Americans lives were lost during the entire Vietnam War. We are losing ten times the number of people who died in Vietnam each and every year to cancer. And the number of cancer diagnoses continue to increase each year. What is causing this increase and what can be done to decrease if not eliminate cancer all together?

Anne and Nick Scandalios wanted to make a difference. They wanted to educate people about cancer, expose inadequacies in our current system and empower people to prevent and eradicate cancer once and for all. It was Annie's full intention to reach out to people across the country to inform them of the true facts about cancer and to enlist the help of leaders in our society to let people know that cancer is not an unavoidable part of life. Yes, treatments for cancer have dramatically improved over the years, but why wait to get cancer before acting? Act now and take personal responsibility for avoiding the disease in the first place.

ASCEND’s mission is to make ending cancer a national priority. We connect those touched by cancer into one voice to make a difference.

The story of ASCEND begins with Anne Scandalios, an energetic and vivacious personality who always displayed a true “joy of life,” personal strength and courageous spirit. She was very successful as an award-winning realtor and a dedicated mother

In June of 1998, Annie, as she was known to her friends and her devoted husband Nick, welcomed the arrival of their long-awaited child, daughter Anna. A year earlier, Annie and Nick had finished building their dream home and then with Anna completing their family, everything had fallen into a place seemingly perfect. Just a few months after Anna’s birth, Annie noticed a “nodule” which, at first, was presumed by medical personnel to be “normal breast changes” that occur with breast-feeding. Three months later Annie and Nick heard those dreaded words: “Its cancer.” A remarkably aggressive cancer – it was Stage IV.

If you are sitting in a room with 2 other people, the odds are that one of you will get cancer. Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971, the focus of the fight has been on developing treatments, while too little attention has been paid to the fact that most cancer is preventable in the first place.

The next two years Annie and Nick would travel to leading Comprehensive Cancer Treatments across the United States and out of the country in search for a way to beat the disease.

One thing that became quickly and abundantly clear was that this was not just Annie’s disease it was Annie’s, Nick, and Anna’s together. Nick spent thousands of hours researching, traveling to see doctors and working on their whole foods diet. Through their research, they learned that nearly 600,000 American lives are taken by cancer each year. That is the equivalent of six 747 commercial airplanes crashing, killing everyone on board, every day of every year.

Annie battled, perhaps not so coincidentally, for 747 consecutive days. It was Annie’s full intention to reach out to people across America to inform them of the true and devastating effects of cancer. Just one week before Annie died, while struggling with every breath, asked her husband Nick to carry out her mission of educating people and empowering people to prevent and eradicate cancer once and for all.

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